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Meet Jacqui Denski

       Jacqui Denski, born in Edison, NJ as Jacqueline Diana Taylor, is a wife, mother, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Ballroom Dancer and an actress with a BA in Psychology. As a child she took Ballet, tap and jazz, but found her niche in high school while taking drama classes and performing in many plays.

       After meeting her husband, Brian, her adult life took on many forms.  She moved to Connecticut, had 3 amazing children, Jen, Jon & Brianna, and balanced a variety of careers: Mary Kay Cosmetics Sales Director, Real Estate Agent, Politician: council woman for her hometown & ran for State Representative, eventually went to college to earn a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. It was while earning her degree that a student suggested she audition for the play, The Real Inspector Hound. Although she wasn’t initially cast, an actress backed out and Jacqui became the snarky maid, Mrs. Drudge. The show was a huge success and Jacqui wanted more, so she searched the internet for local auditions. She came across a horror movie filming nearby, Deep in the Darkness, which cast both Jacqui and her son as gruesome cave dwellers. They had a blast wearing body paint and creeping around together on all fours. Then, as fate would have it, one of the actresses was a model and didn’t want the prosthetics to ruin her skin, so she never returned to set. They needed someone with a mommy’s body to fill the role, and Jacqui just so happened to be a perfect fit.  

       Jacqui has since done a variety of movies, commercials and TV shows in the New York, LA, Tri-State & New England areas. She can be seen on Lifetime, Discovery Channel, A & E, Chiller Network, Nickelodeon and in a variety of commercials. You can also find her on the dance floor as a Competitive Ballroom Dancer, traveling the world with friends and family or in an up coming episode of Law & Order.


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New York - LA - Chicago

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      Phone:    860-997-6969
      Email:     jacqui_denski

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